Craig DiLouie is the author of several books, including:

Lighting Redesign for Existing Buildings
The Lighting Controls Handbook
Advanced Lighting Controls

The Lighting Management Handbook
Electrical Design & Specification

He has developed two books for NALMCO used as a training guides for lighting technicians, for which he earned the organization's Lumina Award:

Lighten Up!

in support of IES, he has written or contributed to:

Light + Design (DG-18)
The Commissioning Process Applied to Lighting and Control Systems (DG-29)
Planned Indoor Lighting Maintenance (RP-36)
Lighting for Education Facilities (RP-03)
Lighting Design for Interior Living Spaces (RP-11)
Energy-Saving Lighting Controls (LEM-7)

As a writer of fiction, Craig has also written several novels, including:

Suffer The Children (to be published by Simon & Schuster)
Tooth and Nail (recently optioned for film)
The Infection
The Killing Floor

The Great Planet Robbery

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